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قلنديا الدولي ٢٠١٤

الارشيفات حياة ومشاركة"

٢٢ تشرين الاول - ١٥ تشرين الثاني

The second edition of Qi featured works by over 100 Palestinian and international artists, collated in a series of newly commissioned art projects under the theme “Archives, Lived and Shared”, highlighting the role of archives in shaping Palestine’s past and present.


Curatorial Statement:

Over the years, Palestinian heritage has been repeatedly subjected to upheaval, uprooting, and even looting and theft. This means that for decades, questions concerning the roles played by archives, what they preserve, and who has ownership of them have been hotly contested. Arguably, the archival process has a key part to play in gathering the threads of Palestine’s past and present and shaping its future; it is for this reason that Qalandiya International has chosen the topic of archives, their role in the formation and preservation of national identity, and the importance of public access to them as the underlying theme of this year’s festival.