Press Release


Qalandiya International 2018

kicks off on 3 October

under the theme of solidarity 


March 2018

Under the theme of Solidarity, the fourth edition of Qalandiya International art event kicks off on the 3rd of October 2018.  Qi program of events will take place in several locations including Jerusalem, Gaza, Ramallah, Al Bireh, Birzeit in addition to several Palestinian villages with the participation of dozens of Palestinian and international artists.  A program of collateral events will be announced with several activities taking place in major cities such as New York, Cape Town, Beijing under the same theme.

By means of discursive engagement, exhibitions, performances, talks, film screenings, workshops and tours across the one-month programme will probe the notion “solidarity” through different lenses. The notion will be explored by opening up for global experiences, yet forging local experimentations and contemporary interpretations.

The notion of ‘solidarity’ has been synchronic with the history of the Palestinian struggle against successive colonial structures and regimes, although not always in perfect tandem with it.

In Palestine, the term ‘solidarity’ has been, and still is, a buzzword in the struggle for liberation from consecutive colonial administrations. Its forms and ideological stances have morphed over time and geography, rising and sinking with the tides of change in the form of the struggle for freedom.

The notion of the shared thoughts, values and objectives that bind us is stirred to re-energise and re-investigate meanings of solidarity and collectivism – values that have allowed Palestinian society to resist and stay alive for decades.

Qalandiya International was founded in 2012 as a joint contemporary art event that takes place every two years across Palestinian cities and villages and aims to place Palestine on the world’s cultural map and open up channels for dialogue and exchange, both locally and internationally. As a partnership between different art and cultural institutions, Qi works collectively to join forces to unify a fragmented geography.

This Years Theme 

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