On the Road... 'Without...and Roses'... Three Tales

25 minutes performance

Shaden Abu Elasal & performed by Aida Group For Contemporary Dance

Manar Zuabi performance art and installation

Music by Said Murad (Sabreen)

Wadi Al Saleeb

On the Road Performance. Photo by Sama Wakeem

Without ... and Roses. Photo by Shaden Abu Elasal

A dialogue between “On the Road” choreographed by Shaden Abu Elassal and performed by the Ayda Group for Contemporary Dance on one hand and the performance/ installation  “Without… and Roses…” choreographed and performed by Manar Zuabi. 

The expressionist body movements emerging from the performance creates a scene composed of three tales. The tales are connected with the ongoing and changeable memory yet are connected to the different artistic/aesthetic languages. The search for the possible connection and the tension emerging from the encounter between the two performances as different genres continues in the work of Shaden and Manar.

Their collaboration started six years ago, since then they have created three performances: On the edge of White, Roza, and this upcoming performance. In the journey of these movements, the performance tests the transitions between different layers and spaces, the artistic movements of the body and its capability are being put to a test of what is possible and what is impossible in a space that is not theatrical nor protected. Whereas the space is the master of all possibilities, the body comes to experiment and to form its own language by either conflicting with the space or accepting it.

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