Khalidiyyah Library / Jerusalem: Knowledge, Place and Time exhibition

Curated by Jack Persekian

Khalidiyyah Library 

129 Bab El-Silsilah Rd.
Old City

Muslim sheikhs and effendis at Khalidiyah Library

​ In a unique partnership between Al-Ma’mal and the Khalidi Library, the Jerusalem Show 2018 showcases centuries of Islamic and Arabic scholarship embodied in the buildings and collection of the Khalidiyyah. The Library, established in 1900 and its premises today renovated for the 21st century and reopened to the public, houses the largest private collection of Arabic manuscripts in Palestine and thousands of rare printed books. The exhibit installed at the Khalidiyyah, entitled The Khalidi Library, Jerusalem: Knowledge, Place and Time and curated by Jack Persekian, provides a historic account through images, photos and texts of the Library, its 13th century Mameluke buildings adjacent to the Haram Al Sharif and Bab Al Silsileh, and the scholars and colorful personalities who created and nurtured it over the years. 

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