Düsseldorf (Germany)



by Jan Lemitz

Foyer der Botschaft,

Worringer Platz, Düsseldorf

installation view

The plants installed inside the disused theater foyer at Worringer Platz originate from the former canteen on the fourth floor of the Main Post office. The building was shut down with its beginning conversion end of last year as part of the forthcoming transformations of the entire Station district.

The continuous maintenance of plants resists the logic of profitability of urban space. Settled into a niche just off one of the most contested public places in Düsseldorf the installation reflects the precarity of its surroundings. Visible only from outside, the foyer borders onto an environment shaped by the reconstruction period of the postwar. Enclosed by heavy traffic on the surrounding lanes, the square itself is of triangular outline. Along with the overwriting of specific sites in the city goes the disintegration of its fabric, of social achievements and certainties that were often times asserted in political struggles.

While the ensemble of plants also stands for the informality of self-organised space, it is nevertheless part of the complexe economic, political and urban interrelations framing it.

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