The Lime Track Tour

by artist Wael Tarabeh

Friday 5 October 2018

Majdal Shams

Organised by Al Marsad (The Arab Centre for Human Rights in the Golan Heights)

Majdal Shams Tour Program: Starts 8.30 am @ Main Square of Majdal Shams

  1. The Shouting Valley: An observation area overlooks the shouting valley across the ceasefire line, where the occupied Syrians in Golan used to stand to talk to their families in Syria across the fences.

  2. Hermon Resort area: An area famous for skiing that is controlled by Nave - Ativ settlement. Part of the Golan, the area is the only place for ski sport for Israeli tourists.

  3. Syrian Villages: The tour will pass by the remaining Syrian villages in Golan and will visit some of the destroyed 340 villages whose indigenous population was forcibly cleansed during and after the occupation of the Golan.

  4. Tal El-Fakhaar: An area targeted during the war in 1967.

  5. Bental mountain: A highland in occupied Golan overlooks the Syrian villages behind the fence, where the ruins of Qunetira, the biggest city of the Golan can be seen.

  6. Apple Orchards and Ram Lake: Golan is famous for its apple orchards and natural landscape. Luckily, the tour will take place during the apple picking season, so you can enjoy the taste of Golan apples.

What To wear: 
Comfortable clothes and shoes

Overnight charge:

The transportation to Golan and back is free of charge as well as the tour. A fee of $40 will be charged for the overnight stay.


To reserve your place, please send an email to:  with the subject: Golan Tour

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