Propaganda, Mon Amour: Palestine As Seen Through Publications in Socialist Hungary 

A research exhibition curated by Eszter Szakács 

Assistance: Amani Yaqob

Copy Room

Rukab street, Ramallah Tahta

next to video lambada

red steel door, first floor on the left

What Should We Know About Palestinians? Written by Sándor Böcz, Budapest: Kossuth, 1981 (left); György Ónody, Palestine and Palestinians, Budapest: Kossuth, 1976 (right)          


3 October 2018, from 1-2 pm

Opening Hours:

Daily until 12 October from 1-4pm

(except Tuesday the 8th, and Thursday the 10th)

Through popular books published in Hungarian between 1968 and 1989, the research exhibition looks at socialist Hungary's state-propagated solidarity with Palestine. Underlining the complexities and paradoxes of Hungary's socialist solidarity, the project also investigates how the commitment to Palestine changed over time, also in relation to world events, diplomatic, and economic ties. How can this accumulated––and now discarded––knowledge be recalled? What lies beyond top-down and imagined solidarity?

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