Toward Hope

Curated by Sharif Sarhan & Raed Issa

Exhibition Opening: Sunday 7 October 2018, 5.30 pm

Shababek Gallery

Abu Hsirah St. behind Al Shifa Hospital


organized by Eltiqa & Shababek

Searching for imagination in a lost reality. Photo by Shareef Sarhan, 2014

In Palestine, the concept of “solidarity” was and still is a in the core of the struggle for liberation from the successive colonial powers. Its forms and ideological manifestations have changed with different times and geographies; it went up and down with tides of change in the forms of the struggle for liberation. Toward Hope is an exhibition contemporary visual art works presented in the context of Qalandiya International that search for solidarity meanings. How can be there a solidarity with our own country? And how can we establish international solidarity with the Palestinian cause? 

Participating artists:

Abdel Raouf Ajouri, Basel Maqousi, Dina Matar, Hala Abu Nahla, Ibrahim, Al-Oweidi, Khaled Hussein, Maysara Baroud, Majed Shala, Marwan Nassar, Mohammad Abu Hashish,  Mohamad Al Hawajri, Nariman Farajallah, Rana Batrawi, Rufeida Suhwail, Ruqaya Aloulu, Suheil Sal. 

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