Outside the Archive
‘Outside the Archive’ suggests the use of the Ramallah Municipality Archive as a vessel to re-institute narratives that are able to live outside the domicile and consignation of the archive. The idea provokes the re-institution of the archival content in an external space, which assures the possibility of reproduction, repetition, recital, re-interpretation, and re-impression. ‘Out side the Archive’ is an opportunity for the participants to construct a relationship with their own time in their work.
A relationship “that adheres to [their present moment] through a disjunction and an anachronism … to firmly hold [the] gaze on [their] own time so as to perceive not its light, but rather its darkness … [To neutralise] the light that come from the epoch in order to discover its obscurity, its special darkness, which is not, however, separable from those light … To return to a present where we have never been … [to divide and interpolate] time … [and to transform] it and [put] it in relation with other times.”