"Haj: Don’t you see the horses carrying soldiers in the sky?
Woman 1: They landed on earth and transformed to green (blue) and brown roosters; they started to fight each other.
Old man: they are fighting each other so as to liberate Palestine.
Woman 2: Like Cain and Abel."

Documentary film Al-Manam

'Manam' is an exhibition organized and hosted by Arab Culture Association (ACA) in Haifa, as part of the 2014 Qalandiya International Events. With a variety of Palestinian artists from different disciplines participating, Manam will combine paintings, installations, video art & performances along with panels and film screenings.

Often the personal Palestinian narrative blurs the borders between reality, dreams, and illusions. Manam is an attempt to document an alternative Palestine, one which lives in people's minds; it is an attempt to recreate by force a motherland - in spite of the harsh visible reality.

The film 'Al-Manam', directed by Syrian Director Mohamad Malas, is the cornerstone of the exhibition. It was filmed between 1980-1981, before the infamous massacre in Sabra and Shatila, where part of the film was set, and was not released before 1987.
The film is composed of a collection of interviews with Palestinian refugees in Lebanon during the civil war. The children, women, old people, and militants, were interviewed by Mohammad Malas, the director, about their dreams at night. The film attempts to reveal the underlying sub-consciousness of the Palestinian refugees through their dreams.

The difference between imagining a thing and believing in its existence, between supposing a proposition and acquiescing in its truth. In the case of acquiescence or belief, the narrative is not only apprehended by the mind, but is held to have reality. Belief is thus the mental state or function of cognizing reality. 'Belief' will mean every degree of assurance, including the highest possible certainty and conviction.

The exhibition examines the Palestinian “manam,” - the dreams of individuals. Their memories and longing for Palestine have seeped into their dreams and shaped them. The borders between reality and illusions are so blurred in the sub-conscious that when these dreams are narrated and projected into reality, it is almost impossible to discern if they tell of real or imagined one.

Opening hours: November 1−14 2014, between 16.00−20.00