Imagery - Beyond Oblivion and Remembering & Recall

Witnessing the loop of destruction of basic living conditions and ongoing fragmentation of Palestinian realities within designed patterns of occupation, Al Hoash felt the urge to give space, thought and time to the complex set up without surfing on the reactionary wave, trying to understand the context of counter memory processes with a focus on the (re-) production of images as materialized symbols in defining the past and the present. 

The exhibition Imagery – beyond oblivion and remembering  - Edition Zifr (2nd of November 2014) is the starting point for a series of art interventions with selected Palestinian and international artists, whose works will reflect the dynamics of history, image and memory and confront the dominant perspective of History.  Here we are introducing a new form of exhibition, which will be process oriented. Participating artists are Mohamed Harb, Mohamed Al Hawajri, Mohamed Abu Sal, Eduardo Soteras.

“Exhibition at Collectors’ Room: Recall”

The exhibition at Collectors’ Room: Recall is presenting selected art works from pioneering artists functioning as mnemonics of on crucial moments of Palestinian history, with works by Suleiman Mansour, Ibrahim Noubani, Karim Dabagh and others.