Mohammed Hawajri

Born in Al Bureij refugee camp in 1976, lives and works in Gaza, and is a founding member of the Group confluence of contemporary art (eltiqa group). Since 1999 - 2001 participated in summer academy at dar- alfonon(khlid shoman association) supervised by professor marwan qassab bachi my adviser to choose the contemporary art , won first prize at the Key in the course of Academy. In 1999 established the first personal exhibition at the French Cultural Center in Gaza entitled; new faces;, which was used by the technical fee on certain Microsoft direct the picture represented French Donov Catherine. In 2000 established Studies at first in the Gaza French Cultural Center and the second in Ramallah, which was first submitted to him within the contest organized by the artist promising AM Qattan Foundation on the draft bones of animals used in bone and dead animals has formulated a new way to read, especially motive for the meanings New away from the idea of death and separation. In 2001 the; Curl black; status Khalil Sakakini address crafts Arab free to take abstract nature of contemporary faith in the importance of the Arab trades for the value of aesthetic and visual movement is strong in the painting special magic. In the presentation of its work in 2002 in Amman Gallery zarra - GRAND HAYATT Amman paintings are used to doing spices and food component was present animal strongly, and in the same year was chosen again in the contest,;, the artist Hassan Hourani; from the draft; story tree; Qattan Foundation Ramallah, and the project using different configurations of graphics and photographic and color, to exhibit together on one wall of a new relationship between the use of different techniques that article. In 2007 at the French Cultural Center in Gaza exhibition entitled; spirit and fragrances; advance group of paintings dominated by the presence of symbols with the word Arab. Written always look at everything that is new and tends to use things neglected and consumers employed in substantive work, which takes a contemporary And has participated in numerous group exhibitions inside and outside Palestine. During the past years.