Eduardo Soteras Jalil

Born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1975 from a Lebanese migrants family. Majored in Economical Sciences from Cordoba University (1999). Documentary photographer, worked as a freelance in Palestine (2005). He is a founding member of the Activestills collective, and creator of ActiveVision, an organization dedicated to participatory photography and video. He was a receiver of the Scholarship of the Univesitat Autonoma of Barcelona for his work in Palestine, and completed a Master in Photojournalism there (2007). He is a founding member of RUIDO Photo and creator and director of the school of photography RUIDO Formacion (now CFD Barcelona) where he was also a documentary photography teacher.

In 2009 he completed the project “En El Camino” about the trip of the Central American migrants through Mexico (Book by Blume, 2010, winner of the PoYi Latin for the Best Photobook of the year). In 2010 he started the project “Neutral Fire” about the Swiss sharpshooting culture (published by GEO France, Magazine of La Vanguardia and winner of a grant of the CoNCa-Catalonia, and exhibited in the Museum Caraffa, Argentina). In 2011 he started the long-term project “Masafer. Life in the Intestice” about the life of the cave-dwelling communities in South Hills of Hebron, where he lived for more than a year and half. The project is currently exhibited in the Middle East with the support of the A.M.Qattan Foundation and the Argentinean Representation in Ramallah. His newest project “All the Ices the Ice” is a study of the glacier melting and its consequences in the Nepalese Himalayas, and it’s done in collaboration with the ETH of Zurich.

Eduardo Soteras is represented by Sarah Preston/Neutral Grey Agency.