Dina Matar

Matar was born in Gaza in 1985 and graduated from Al Aqsa University with a BA in Fine Art and Education. Her paintings have been included in exhibitions in Switzerland, France, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Gaza and were previously exhibited in the opening exhibition at the Mosaic Rooms, 'Occupied Space 2008' in London. She is a member of the ELTIQA artists collective in Gaza City.

Despite her young age, she participated in a large number of exhibitions and acted as mentor to the youth. Matar collaborated on several projects with European artists and participated in several local exhibitions and workshops in Gaza in cooperation with A.M. Qattan Foundation, the French Cultural Centre and other institutions. Her work was also displayed at the international exhibition Ghaza seasons in Geneva. In 2012 she was selected to participate in the artistic residence in Paris, Cite Internationale des Arts.
Matar, who lived in the profound challenges of Gaza, has the creativity to see beyond the walls and paint with such vibrant colors and a wild imagination that is reminiscent of Joan Miros work, yet distinctly her own creation. Matar and many other artists living in Gaza are determined to produce fine art and to present it to the Gaza community. Born in Gaza 25 years ago, Dena is a member of Eltiqa collective for young artists who work in Gaza. Despite her young age she has developed her own unique childlike style which she considers to be a way to manipulate the sad surrounding reality and to represent it from a different perspective that is full of hope and optimism rather than encumbered by dark and lifeless colours. Dina explains that through her art she tries to rekindle positive feelings, her own as well as those of the people around her and those who view her art.
Dena is strongly influenced by Pablo Picassos Cubist style in the way she deals with the structures and lines within a space. Yet she manages to assert her originality by using extremely bright colours and her characteristic simple approach.